Petit Pagne collections: kids clothing line, women clothing line, home decor and accessories.


"Equitable à porter", wearable fair-trade is our motto. When buying one of our items, you not only support an African-based company, you help training ladies and help them to get a decent living.

Petit Pagne is a Rwanda based fashion company thrilled about twisting western classics and African culture to produce a clean, elegant and vibrant style, full of colors, simple & retro-chic for everyday.

Our approach is not only focused on producing garments & accessories, we provided to our local workers a decent salary, social security, pension plan and trainings.

We give employment and training to vulnerable women in Kigali. Also ladies from the neighborhood can come and learn how to sew for free every Friday.

Ladies at Petit Pagne get trainings in foreign languages, sewing, quality and supply chain. We are proud of the tremendous progresses they made since 2010 when we started working with them.


At Petit Pagne, to support the local business and African entrepreneurs more than 80% of Petit Pagne’s fabrics are made in Africa : Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya or Congo with each of them their own cultural identity.

Whether it is plain Rwandan cotton, or light Tanzanian fabric or rich Congolese wax, we are only selecting the best.

-trade not aid -


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